The scarcity of falcons in hot weather

Orange is in the middle of a very hot week, with temperatures ranging between 28 and 35deg C (82-95degF), and although our altitude of about 1 kilometer means we’re missing the worst of the heat all around us (some parts of the country further west have been recording 50deg C – 122degF) life for the two peregrine falcons is tough. Few sightings in and around the trees and tower this week, with a few moments yesterday in the eyrie being used for a snooze. During the day there’s understandably little birdlife in the vicinity and most activity will be confined to very early dawn, and dusk.

Work and testing is progressing on the two replacement server computers (the recording/surveillance unit, and the camera streaming unit), which should hopefully be installed over the next few days during after-hours. There will inevitably be camera streaming interruptions but we’ll try to put up a notice for when we intend on bringing the systems temporarily down.

20131216055440987_UTC+11Early morning stretches

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