Bountiful cicadas in early summer

With the current early summer hot & dry days, and a hatching season ideal for the local cicada population there’s no end of snack food for all types of birds, nonetheleast for the peregrines. Swift had been sitting on the ledge for a while before flying off and within 20 seconds had returned with another flapping cicada in claw. A 1:30min HD video clip can be viewed here. Of note is the way in which she disposes of the carcass afterwards, carefully placing the shell in the corner and ensuring it’s safe.

Swift and snack time
Swift and snack time


2 thoughts

  1. Hi, Scott – great photo of her coming in to land.

    We can’t get the live stream at all – I’m assuming the problem is at your end. Could you possibly give an idea when we can view the beautiful Swift again?

    Many thanks and keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Clare and everyone,
      We’re currently deep in to technical upgrades supporting our cameras and website. Our priority has been to upgrade our old surveillance server before it dies (runs 24/7 at about 98.9% CPU!) and should be close to a solution there. Our next priority is to upgrade the Internet streaming server to try and solve ongoing problems with stream speed and access (again a very old computer running over 99% CPU 24/7!). At the moment the streaming program is restarted every 60 minutes to ensure any software crashes etc don’t last longer than that. We also reboot the server at local time midnight every night, again to solve any hardware technical problems. The access speed for streams is a lottery right now but I hope that you’re able to refresh streams successfully, or come back in another hour or so… and very soon we hope to have a much more powerful streaming server.
      Research and testing for alternative and more powerful software live video streaming packages is ongoing but we’re looking at something more robust at the moment. Stay tuned.
      Thanks for your persistence and stick with us!

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