Media coverage in today’s Central Western Daily newspaper

Thanks to Nadine Morton for her fantastic article on the front page of today’s local Central Western Daily newspaper – well written and it keeps these peregrine falcons as a talking point in regional circles. Image quality in newsprint form is great as well. Happy reading….

Beau has been amusing us with his antics this week. Caught yesterday trying to scale the north-facing steel-plated window frame (other side to the eyrie window) after he slipped off the microwave antenna where he’d been resting next to the window. Made a 50m loop flight after losing his footing on the window frame, only to return and miss the smaller microwave antenna completely, and end up again nervously on the window frame. He righted himself and after checking all body parts still worked he flew off over the trees again. Good to see he hasn’t lost his own unique sense of humour!

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  1. Wish I’d seen Beau in action! Many thanks for the update, Scott – and it’s good to know you’re getting some positive press coverage.

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