The waiting game

Little to report up the Concrete Hilton just at the moment. We’re in that phase of waiting to see if Beau and Swift are interested in mating again this season. Certainly, as viewers have noticed, Swift is spending plenty of time resting in the eyrie – today of all days it may well be a way to remove herself from the extreme weather conditions. Currently there is a Total Fire Ban across most of New South Wales, with very high winds and a large number of bushfires blazing further east. We are anticipating a weather change soon which should cool temperatures and give the firefighters a break, but for the peregrines it will merely mean a more comfortable existence.

Some of our early-morning Banjo’s Bistro staff on campus noticed some aerial and very verbal frolicking this morning. With some luck this is all part of the initial courtship routine. We can but hope for now…

For those still having problems in accessing the website and receiving malware warnings from Google, please be assured we’re clean. The preferred domain name – – is still blacklisted which amuses us as the website itself isn’t…. c’mon Google – catch up with the real world!

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This week we hope to convert the old ledge camera recording server feed to the brand new HD ledge camera feed on our Milestone Surveillance Server. We will be up for a much larger hard drive to store as much footage as possible for this new camera too. Currently we use a single 2TB external WD HDD for the nest camera, and will do same for the ledge camera as well. The task at hand now is to upgrade this old but very reliable surveillance server computer itself to something of more modern vintage, to handle the anticipated much heavier workload. In normal circumstances this 2 TB drive is offering us around 30 days continual/motion-sensor archives for a single camera, which in itself in invaluable.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Scott – let’s hope the peregrines’ behaviour leads to mating and a second clutch. My fingers are crossed that conditions improve for the firefighters soon!

  2. Thanks so much for the update. Surprised to find that Swift was not in the nest box at 4:00 a.m. It’s been a great comfort to see her each morning until today. Hope she’s doing well. Good luck with extinguishing the fires.

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