Lots of screen time for Swift, Beau and Snow

With Snow 32 days old now¬† the adult feathers are well & truly showing ; a fairly quiet eyas this time around but developing its own personality. Swift and Beau are taking plenty of their time in with Snow, and you’ll quite often see Swift taking a well-earned rest. As some viewers have queried, Swift is certainly spending far more time in the eyrie than in past years. Hard to fathom why, but it shouldn’t be weather as it’s a typical Springtime & food seems to be abundant. There’s a possibility that as Snow is a reasonably quiet and non-pushy young one (as opposed to the likes of Ophir last who was intent in tearing her parents apart at any opportunity!) that Swift feels secure enough to snooze without being harassed.

This afternoon we caught a moment where Swift’s gaze, for some reason, was affixed to our nest dome camera. She came right up to check it out and wasn’t convinced for about 5 minutes before finally giving up and heading for the ledge. Video clip to come…

Cilla’s been hard at it, buried in the recording server, running off clips suitable for research, taking plenty of notes and readying our records for future archiving. We’re still pushing the recording server to its limits, with almost full-time HD camera recording, but with the newly acquired large hard drive we’re back on track for storing longer term archives again, freeing up the older and smaller hard drive exclusively for the ledge camera archives. More testing is also going on using different video streaming technologies as we’re not happy with the current generation of Flash technologies at all, which seem to be behind most of our streaming issues right now.

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  1. Hello and thanks for today’s update. I am so enjoying following Snow and the adults, and learning about differences from prior seasons. Their setting on the campus looks beautiful and green. Wishing you all success with the project. Diane

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