Snow, Day 3, and all looking very healthy

Three days with us and Snow is growing at an alarming rate, based on photos and video that we’ve been watching. Dinner times go down very well, albeit gory for us humans in seeing it all in full-blown hi-def colour now, but Snow is not leaving a smidgeon of food ungulped! Indeed Snow seems to be quite adventurous and has already been seen trying to waddle up the side of the scrape

A brief video clip here of the little bobblehead after a feed from Swift. You can indeed just hear Snow chirping away for mum’s attention. Swift is a great mother, very attentive, protective, very careful when feeding. Beau is yet to make his mark as a mentor for Snow yet though, although can occasionally be seen playing his role too, when not hunting.

Snow at Day 3 (digital zoom)

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