Time frame and reference point for Season 5

Just in case anyone’s trying to figure out when we expect to see life in the single remaining egg the count-back should take us through to about 19-22 Sept (i.e. Wednesday to Saturday next week), based on the average incubation rate and duration of approx 29-32 days. This presumes that active incubation began at the onset of the 2nd egg late on 21st Aug. The adults certainly took the task to hand (claw?) by the following morning so as long as we have one fertile egg up in the eyrie we’ve only got a short time to wait now. The cigars are still wrapped and sealed….

The long wait continues

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  1. Thanks for the reminder about when this egg should hatch, something we’re all looking forward to.

    I also want to mention that I’m concerned about Swift’s left leg. She seems to be favoring it. I first noticed this on 9/10 but thought maybe her leg was just stiff from incubating, but I saw another video from yesterday & it seems even worse. I doubt that there is anything that can be done about it, at least right now, but just a heads-up. Hope I’m wrong & this is just a matter of stiffness from many hours of incubating!

  2. Oh, I do hope all goes well for Swift, Beau and their remaining egg. I will keep my fingers crossed. We had a very emotional year with our nestbox here in Rochester, New York, which resulted in just one viable egg out of three. That egg hatched, and the eyas grew into a very handsome young tiercel named Orion, who has now fledged and is making his way in the world very well. I wish the same for your falcon family.

    1. Hi Nancy and Patsy6,
      Thanks for your comments. We’ll keep an eye on Swift’s leg; sometimes she seems to be OK but other times not so. If there’s an injury it may have been from a high-speed impact, much like our fledgling Solo from 2 seasons ago who really messed herself during an early hunt, up but recovered remarkably well. Great news about the breeding success in Rochester too; even a single survival per season will help to improve numbers.

      To all supporters, we love to hear about similar sites & eyries around the world. Keep us up to date with your records as well – many thanks.

      Any time now, Swift and Beau, any time, thankyou!!


  3. Hi Scott,

    first. .thanks so much for all you do and for providing the cam!!

    Any helpful hints with the cam. I am having the hardest time just getting it to load. Some days it works in Internet Explorer, other times either Firefox or Chrome…and I can never get the streaming. Living in the USA I always check it when you guys are (hopefully) sleeping.

    Thanks a bunch. . and here’s to a successful hatch. .hope its soon!!!

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