The family’s growing again

With today’s excitement at Swift’s overnight effort to pump out a 2nd egg there’s more activity in and around the eyrie, up the “Concrete Hilton”. Today Beau flew in with lunch, which he left out on the so-called feeding tree, just down below. Swift exchanged places and Beau took his turn. He’s much smaller in stature (about 1/3rd smaller) but can handle 2 eggs well. Come the 3rd egg or more it’s always amusing to watch him struggle to fit them underneath, let alone when they turn in to writhing furry wrigglers soon!

Here’s a brief clip of the luncheon changeover, with Beau in place before Swift returns after dining out.

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    1. Bonjour Anne-Marie, and good to hear from you again!!
      Apologies to all for the problems with the HD nest camera streaming. I’ve been upgrading software and running tests but to no avail. I’m almost thinking that upgrading software is not always the best thing to do!! Ironically it seems to work on Android phones, and we’re OK inside the University system but will keep trying until the streaming is functional once more, and will bring in some “top gun” IT people to help too! Apologies once more…

  1. Hi, I love the livestreaming! My only problem is that I don’t have sound on both webcams. Can that be fixed?

  2. Hi Scott
    Congratulations – a new family! Very exciting waiting for the fluffy babies to appear.

    Yvonne, Secretary
    30 Squadron Beaufighter RAAF Association

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