Peregrine roll call

With winter setting in around Orange, and a week of the coldest nights so far this year, it’s been comforting to see both adult peregrines staying with us. Swift spends the afternoons up on the tower roof sunning herself, while Beau tends to roam the countryside. Every so often you’ll catch Swift overnighting in the eyrie. We can go days without spotting Beau so it’s good to see him when he does decide to grace us with his presence. Last evening both birds came back to the tower, and again this morning both were here, one on the roof and one on the microwave dish down the side.

Winter will get much colder but with some luck either (or both) peregrines will remain live Internet stars for the duration.

The new server configuration for our streaming capability now seems to be more stableĀ  & automated, with some software contingencies in place if things go wrong; we can but hope that electrical power & the campus network stay up for us!

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