How to handle bullys

First thing this morning Swift was happily soaking up the sun’s rays on top of the Concrete Hilton when she was joined by 5 rowdy white sulphur crested cockatoos. When they realised who was quietly hunkered down at the far end of roof their crests flicked up and gradually they waddled their way towards her. Like a mob of schoolground bullys they advanced to within about 3 or 4 feet before she revealed herself like a Sith Lord, wings spread, and they backed away. Determined not to be outdone they maintained their verbal taunting for a while longer until Swift employed “strategy” and flew down in to the trees. Three of the bullys followed her down but lost her in the thicket. After the remaining two followed them to the trees Swift quietly flew back up for a few minutes before being rejoined by four annoying cockies.

Showing incredible patience Swift held her ground and eventually doubled back down on to the ledge – a clever move as the cockies have nowhere to land near her. The game continues while the bullys float around buzzing the ledge but one would put their money on Swift winning this one soon!

Swift and friends

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