Three young peregrines in bonding time

We were lucky this afternoon to spot all three youngsters spending time up on the ledge and all three seem quite happy in each other’s company, although we know what Ophir is like towards her parents, but we make the most of these moments before they become more independent. Swift is also sitting around the corner on the microwave dish arm, out of harm’s way! A 4.5minute video clip can be viewed here (apologies for image quality – bright, sunny days wash out our ledge view!).

2 thoughts

  1. I absolutely LOVE the photo of the 3 fledglings looking out from the nestbox window! How cute! But of course, I must always keep in mind that they are raptors, no matter how cute they look! LOL!

  2. Bonjour!I am pleased that the three young go well! they are magnificent three side by side, thank you for the new! Bye

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