Coverage in the local Central Western Daily newspaper

Thanks to Rebecca & Jude and their team for ongoing coverage in the local newspaper today. Great stuff, and appropriate mention of the fantastic support we’ve received from both 30 Squadron and the Nature Conservation Trust. You can read the article here …

Incidentally one of the young’ns has spent plenty of time this afternoon lazing on the ledge, keeping out of everyone’s way. Another amusing video clip from today can be viewed here…

Quiet time for a young falcon

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  1. The 2011-12 Kinderchicklets were featured in a news article in a local community newspaper, The Herald, this past week. The article spoke about their interest and involvement with the recently fledged peregrine falcons at Charles Sturt University in Orange, NSW, Australia as well as their upcoming interest in our Winnipeg, Canada peregrine falcons at the Radisson Hotel.

    Apparently, the Superintendent of our school division had posted a story about the Kinderchicklets in his news bulletin on the divisional website in late October and a reporter contacted him to inquire about interviewing myself and my ‘chicklets. The same article may appear next week in another local community newspaper, The Lance.

    The article was well written, in my opinion and did well to promote Peregrine Falcon Recovery Projects both in Australia and in Canada!

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