Ophir joins her siblings

I found the 2nd female, Ophir in trees not far from the water tower last night and, bingo, this morning she was squabbling with her siblings on ‘their’ tree (and old dead pine tree) over some tasty morsel of pigeon or similar.  So she found her way back ‘home’ fine.    Sorry I didn’t have my camera with me.  Swift was on guard on top of the tower and Beau was presumably off hunting (five hungry mouths to feed including his own!).

So it appears we have a successful fledging of all three juveniles.  Congratulations all round.

It’s interesting that the parents appear to make no attempt to ‘fetch’ the youngsters that stray after their first flight (or flop as the case may be) and wait for them to find their way back to the others.  But of course they may well know where they are.

Cilla Kinross

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