BBQ Breakfast reminder

A last minute reminder to all you locals near Orange campus (and further afield if you’re able to get here!) that the Nature Conservation Trust “Breakfast For The Falcons” is on for tomorrow, rain or shine (I left the hail bit out!). Breakfast starts at 8am at the cottage over the road from the campus main entrance and we’ll be there until around noon for anyone & everyone who would like to drop in for a cheap feed and a natter about peregrines and the environment. We’ll have the public launch of our brand new HD camera, a live screen happening, merchandise display and some very friendly faces so come along. Breakfast flyer here …

Nature Conservation Trust

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  1. Well, if I were able to make it, Scott, I’d order up the pancakes with fruit & maple syrup! But, please, no vegemite, thank you very much! LOL! I’ll be with you in spirit. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Shame about the vegemite; I’ll send it all back to the supermarket, but we’ll keep aside some pancakes with fruit and maple syrup for you all (not half as much fun as the vegemite though 🙂 ). With some luck, and with improvements in this deteriorating weather, we should be able to get some video and piccies from tomorrow morning.

  2. good breakfast, I hope you had a good lunch and a lot of visitors because of falcon family’s worth, my thoughts are with you from Quebec, Canada bye

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