The Project’s media month – the making of three little stars

On top of yesterday’s WIN TV coverage the FalconCam Project media road-train headed in to the ABC Central West studio early this morning for a live interview with Angela Owens. Dubbed affectionately by Angela as “the ultimate procrastination website” it’s brought Swift, Beau and the bobble-heads to an even wider audience.

Thanks heaps to Angela, Miles and the ABC for your fantastic enthusiasm and a chance to speak to the local region – you may well be bugged for another interview before the chicks leave the eyrie in about 30-32 days time!!  To read the ABC article from this morning, and audio, click in here …

Everyone should be listening to the ABC in the mornings and reading the ABC Facebook & Twitter pages !

2 thoughts

  1. Bonjour,Congratulations for this interview, it is always interesting that the media talk about the peregrine falcons and all the work you do! They are magnificent birds, with behavior very interesting to observe, that give us some great life lessons,Swift and Beau were at their best for the interview!!!
    Bonne journée

    1. Bonjour Anne-Marie,
      Thanks for all your great comments! There is a lot of interest in the media about the Project at the moment, and indeed the live video streams, but of course it’s also increasing everyone’s awareness of not only peregrine falcons but other raptors as well. We’d like to think that we’re helping to get people more interested in these amazing birds, their lives and their place in the global environment. We play a small part but hope we’re contributing to the overall effort. And in a slightly less direct way maybe we’re keeping environmental issues more in the minds of viewers too. Thanks again 🙂


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