Feeding time in the eyrie – not for the squeamish

If you’re a little squeamish when watching birds eating then you may want to look away now. Wonderful footage this morning of Beau bringing in a monster breakfast (clip with audio). Will get Cilla to identify his quarry but it was so big even Swift had to eventually take it down to the trees to carve it up. She came back shortly afterwards and fed all three chicks before settling down once more. Hard to tell as a female should always look away when she eats; Swift is no exception!

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  1. Hi Scott,

    Great footage and love the soundtrack! I reckon the prey item this morning was a Noisy Friarbird – a pretty big haul for Beau! If you freeze the footage at about 1min 44 you can see the tell-tale knob at the base of its beak.


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