This morning’s changeover

A quiet weekend up in the Concrete Hilton, with little activity and plenty of quiet time for Swift. We only lost the nest camera stream once over the weekend but it was restarted correctly (sorry for the delays if you were trying to watch!).  This morning we saw Beau fly in to give Swift a break from her duties. The brief video clip of a very inquisitive and alert Beau can be viewed here.

Today's roll call, and Beau's tail

2 thoughts

  1. A lovely video Scott. This pair is exceptionally beautiful. The cam seems to be working fine. It’s great to stop by and watch for a few minutes. Thank you for providing us with this view.

    1. Hi Mick,
      great to hear from you again! They are a very handsome couple and apart from the issue of “personal space” they don’t seem to have too many gripes with each other! Our confidence with the live streaming servers is growing each day, albeit with a few hiccups, but come the time for hatching in early October I hope we’ll be able to take the expected hit load a lot better. Enjoy the live feeds; we feel especially privileged to be allowed this close to such amazing birds (as long as Swift doesn’t find out, else we’d be the next meal!).

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