Some more live action clips

Here’s another couple of video clips taken today of both adults with their current single egg. Quite different approaches from both Swift and Beau, with Swift spending her time between sitting, standing and decent breaks outside in the trees, whereas Beau will take his turn but never seems to be too sure where his boundaries are or whether he should also be sitting down!

First clip here of Swift, and the second clip of Beau here ….

Standing proud over the first egg of the season

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    1. Hi skygirlblue,
      As of local time 9.30am Thursday morning we don’t appear to be further ahead in numbers yet. It’s hard to tell as Swift has been snoozing all morning. We’re not keen on disturbing her either – you tend to receive an evil eye! We’ll keep watching all through today and let you know soon as something happens. Nothing to alarm about yet but it’s concerning that any further eggs are taking longer than usual.


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