The quiet time …

Apologies for no posts recently – there’s been very little to tell, even with occasional daily visits by any and all of the current three residents to the area, Beau, Swift and Solo. With the onset of wintry conditions, shorter days and lower light, along with plenty of building and construction activity around campus, we get the odd visit to the ledge and on to the roof, but little activity goes on.

This quiet period is ideal for roost maintenance and equipment testing, which is under way at the moment.

As soon as we can compile more video clips I’ll post them and let you see! In the mean time our focus moves to the return of the migratory birds up in North America (ref links to the right).

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  1. Nice to hear from you again, Scott & Cilla! It must be interesting to see your peregrine falcons year round! This Spring in Manitoba, Canada we have 4 nesting pairs, with eggs at every nest. 3 of the nests are in Winnipeg & 1 is in Brandon. This year, our PF Recovery Project was able to upgrade it’s technical equipment and we will have webcams with sound at 2 of the nests! Our webcams go live next week. Thank you for posting the link on your website.

  2. Thank you for the updates. I’m just wondering how is Solo’s foot? Will it interfere with her hunting ability? So far I didn’t see any comments about it so I assume that she’s doing ok. One more question – Will these Peregrines migrate?

  3. Please ignore my question about migrating, somehow I missed the previous comments for the same subject. I’m very exciting about the nesting pairs in Manitoba.

  4. Hi Kim, Kathy,
    Thanks for the comments. Solo’s foot appears to have healed itself well and she’s been spotted a couple of times in the last couple of months with lunch in her possession and frolicking around on the ledge. Much relieved, we all are.
    Little happening up the tower at the moment, with the odd interesting feed and regular appearances, as we head into a deep and very cold early winter here. We’re lucky our subspecies doesn’t migrate; we get all-year round diary entries! More activity going on up on the northern hemisphere at the moment, Kathy! Stay tuned to our friends in Canada etc…

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