The loss of trees

In an unusual but somewhat unsurprising move the campus has quietly moved in (Ed. – there was word a long time ago about the possibility) and arranged to have both huge, old pine trees in the bush directly below the tower cut down and removed from the area. Ironically for us they were the two tallest and two healthiest trees in the area (in my opinion). They were also the two favoured roosting places for all 4 seasons of peregrines that we’ve observed, partly due to their location in the vicinity of the tower but also because they had ideal horizontal branches to roost upon. As was pointed out those pine species were not recognised peregrine roosts, but for our family they were ideal.

They gave the birds good shelter from hot sun, and direct rain, they gave the young ones a launching bed to test themselves from, and they gave us, as observers, ideal locations to observe the birds safely from solid ground. We’ve (currently) been left with an old dead tree which was located between the 2 pines. Time will tell as to what happens with that one.

In a move which we can only presume is to prepare the bushland for a future planned native walkway through the undergrowth we wonder now how our peregrine family will react, as they’ve not been sighted since the felling work began yesterday.

Our opinions will remain entirely reserved until we can assess what impact this is going to have on the peregrines, but also until we further our understanding of campus plans for the area, and indeed for the future direction of FalconCam Project.

Your comments are welcomed.

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  1. OMG, Scott & Cilla!!! I am in absolute shock about the removal of these trees! Were you or anyone involved with your PF Recovery Project consulted?! I thought the university supported your Project. Was there not any consideration for the long term effects that the removal of these trees could have on your peregrines?! I sincerely hope that the removal of these trees does not drive your/our beloved peregrine falcons away from this location. I am absolutely speechless!!! Is there anyone that we, your worldwide peregrine falcon supporters, could write to, voicing our concerns?!

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