Sorry about the lack of new posts this week. We’re short-staffed until next week but we still have our “watchers” keeping a look-out.

There is a small pile of pink/white galah feathers up in the eyrie at the moment; it seems the diet is improving and the catch is growing in size again, away from the regular blackbirds and starlings. After another rain downpour on Wednesday the current outlook is more positive, and with temperatures rising again towards what they should be at this stage in early/mid-summer Solo is well into aerial rehearsals and building up some flying muscle!

A few days ago Solo had us constantly rushing from our desks as she spent most of the day flying loops and figure-8’s around the trees and ‘Concrete Hilton’ and seems to be enjoying her growing freedom. She’s got a long way to go before she catches her own lunch but once she perfects these basic manoevures the local wildlife better be careful. When in flight she still exudes that excitement of youth, madly nagging, while generally Swift remains calm on the ledge or in the pine trees waiting for her daughter to return. With a little luck we’ll try to video some of these training flights.

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  1. Yes, please if you could video some training flights it would be fantastic. Just love the way you describe Solo. Thank you for your dedication. I read this blog everyday and when there is no update I always assume “no news is good news”.

  2. Yes, great to hear of Solo’s loops and figure 8’s around the trees! And not to worry about the lack of new posts due to being short staffed… it is the holiday season, afterall!

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