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There have been a couple of valid questions about how to open images in news posts properly. It seems that in the current template format being used for the website when you click on a picture it firstly takes you to the same news post on its own page (the same screen where you can view a post’s comments). If you click on the image in this next screen it opens up in its full uploaded size.

Sorry for the confusion here; I’m working on the coding to avoid having to go to this second step!


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  1. I just read in the CW daily that orange experienced a flash flood today. I hope all of you are well.

    Thank you for the images of Solo in the pine tree.

    1. Hi all,

      A roll call today has still to be done, but from the sight of Solo quietly sitting up on the ledge early this morning we’d be safe in saying the birds are all OK. The whole of New South Wales, and indeed across the whole Central West/Orange region, is experiencing the worst floods for 50 years, with roads cut all over the country, but probably the safest place to be is on the wing! Food will be lean but the tall gum and pine trees here are a good safe haven for raptors. It appears the worst is over and a few fine days will help to divert all the water elsewhere, and bring back some food for the peregrines. Thanks all for your concerns!


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