No sign of Solo

I spent an hour this morning (with boots on as the area is known for brown snakes…and the weeds are nearly waist high), but saw nothing of our young one. Both parents were keeping a wary eye on me and circling close when I was near ‘their’ roosting tree and lost interest when I was further away. I can only hope that she is very well hidden, but I am concerned as there has been no interaction as far as we can tell.

2 thoughts

  1. Hopefully Solo is in that tree safe and sound. The first flight can be traumatic for them but once they get their bearings, they will attempt another flight. I sure hope so anyway. Thank you for looking out for her..we wait with talons crossed for good news.

  2. Waiting, waiting, to hear any news of Solo at all… Hopefully good news. Our thoughts are with you and your team, Scott.

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