Some crazy Solo antics

It must’ve been more than Solo could bear this afternoon up in the ‘Concrete Hilton’, with great warm Spring weather outside and only the occasional visit from both parents, sometimes with and sometimes without lunch. Our Solo is 34 days old now and is becoming restless, at the same time as learning what those wings are meant to do. Plenty of flapping and bouncing about made this afternoon amusing viewing. This bigger box has proven to be beneficial for antics, being twice the depth of the first model.

First video clip shows Solo in close-up with some wing exercises, and in the 3min14sec clip Solo goes crazy, bouncing and jumping around, attacking gravel and the odd feather. A very funny clip…

34 day old Solo

One thought

  1. Hi Scott & team! You sure are right about Solo… he does look to be going stir crazy! Very funny videos, indeed, especially the second one!

    My Kinderchicklets here in Winnipeg were amazed at Solo’s wingspan, as was I! Here in Winnipeg, Canada, on our Falcon Cam Forum, we refer to the wing exercises as “wingersizing”! Solo certainly was doing alot of that, to be sure! He looked as if he were getting ready to take off any minute! We sure do hope that he doesn’t try to fledge too soon!

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