The developing peregrine chick

Solo is taking on an all-over covering of first feathers now and none too soon with only about 1012 days before fledging (so feathers will be quite handy!).

The developing 31 day old peregrine chick

Lots more time today spent trotting around the eyrie, picking at feathers, and leaning out towards the ledge. As with the 3 chicks in the much smaller box last year this next week or so will be anxious times for us ‘step-grandparents’ watching the chick get closer to the edge of the ledge, becoming more daring with space and height, and preparing to take on gravity shortly.

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    1. Hi Carly,
      As soon as it looks like Solo wants to go we’ll be maintaining a vigil around the foot of the tower. Last year our 2nd male to leave flew off a day too early for himself and was found floundering around in the gardens below, so we had to bundle him up, climb the tower and return him to the eyrie where he joined the female! He tried it the following day but this time was successful in making it into the trees, with his sister. We hope that mishap won’t happen again…

  1. I was happy to read about your fledge vigil. I’d like to thank you for the respect and enthusiasm you have for this falcon family. Your posts and video are much appreciated.

  2. Yes, I too want to thank Scott, Cilla, Ian & Ron for your interest in these peregrine falcons. I have been reading a bit about the history of your recovery project in Orange, NSW. A big “bravo” to Ian for suggesting the installation of a roosting box after sighting a pair in 2007! I didn’t realize that it is rare to see peregrine falcons in your neck of the woods…
    As for Solo fledging, does the roosting box have a bit of an outer ledge at all, for him/her to perch on, prior to fledging? From the videos, it didn’t look as if there is a ledge. Here in Winnipeg, our nestboxes have outer ledges, so the juveniles can perch and “hang out”, prior to fledging. Doesn’t always keep them from fledging prematurely, though. Talons crossed, for Solo’s successful fledge in about a week! We’ll be watching!

  3. Thank you for replying to my question Scott! Happy to hear that you will all be watching out for Solo – sets my heart at ease!

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