starling feed

Just to confirm that it is definitely starlings that our youngster is eating – in fact he/she ate 90% of one brought in today, with the hunter only having a nibble

what's left of a starling

3 thoughts

  1. Starlings are a major pest in this area – particularly for vineyards (of which we have several on this campus), but also for native birds with which they compete for nest sites and food.

    So it’s three cheers for the peregrines each time they catch one.

    Cilla Kinross

  2. Interesting to hear that Solo is eating starlings. That must be the equivalent to our peregrines here in Winnipeg, Canada eating pigeons, which are often considered to be major pests in our urban areas.

  3. Our peregrines in Toronto love starlings. At the site I monitor, the resident male often brings them in for his offspring as there are several nests right in the vicinity for him to choose from.

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