Day 6 for Solo

Our little buddy is growing up well and is eating like a buzzard. We observed (and video’d) a good long feeding session this morning where Swift received food on the ledge from Beau and then picked at it to feed herself and Solo. Once finished Solo almost rolled over with the extra weight but is content and sleeping.

Content after a big feed

Here’s a video of Solo with a little ‘solo’ time, feeding time for the little eyas, and the arrival of dad, Beau, to mind the fluffball while Swift takes a brief break.

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    1. Hi Patis & Carly!
      Thanks for watching and following. Little Solo is eating very well, with a good food supply outside, and appears to be on target, size-wise. We are indeed hoping to set the project up to stream live camera feeds out to the Internet for all to see. Our current fund-raising push is targeting this very aim (i.e. vastly improving camera quality, enabling audio and installing 24/7 monitoring equipment), so hopefully we can bring some good news to you in that regard soon. Stay tuned!

      Thanks again!

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