Another first for the FalconCam project

This has been a momentous day in our project with a live hatching finally observed after 3 seasons of trying (to observe!). Our previous camera configurations haven’t been overly suitable to witness the likes of today’s event but this new roost and it’s far better camera angles – along with marvellous timing (i.e. late afternoon, instead of the usual pre-dawn) – have at last provided amazing footage, happily taken by Cilla. We’re still manually recording anything we see as the current set-up has no automatically run triggers.

Congratulations to Beau and Swift and the whole FalconCam crew – “Solo” has entered the world as a tiny furry bundle being very well taken care of by Swift. So far we haven’t sighted Dad but rumour has it he’s back down at the pub’ telling all his mates again!

A very tiny Solo and mum, Swift

Videos (each 1548 secs long) can be found here: first, second, third, fourth and fifth for today …

Ironically the Prime TV News crew (thanks to Alex, Hugh & team!) had only just left campus after conducting an interview (HD TV; big file 1min 51secs) not 2 hours beforehand, but have been informed of the news flash.

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  1. Thank you for the videos! I loved seeing the hatching and how cute is mum trying to get her big feet out of the way 🙂

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