The beginning of our our third breeding year?

Activity has returned to our tower roost and after a bitterly cold and very wet middle of winter both mum and dad peregrines are hanging around the tower every day, sometimes for hours at a time. If mum isn’t occupying the ledge it’s her smaller male off-sider in her place. As a result, and based on our recent project history, we’re calling the breeding season open, and expect to see constant activity for the next few months.

It’s an urgent period for us. The replacement roost is still sitting up the tower ready to be fitted but awaits cameras and equipment attached before we mount it up the wall (a much safer option than trying to mount cameras etc after the roost installation). The fitting has been delayed in the hope that new camera equipment could be located, additional funding confirmed, supplied and fitted, and we do indeed now have a quote in to a University funding body to confirm costs. Along with a very generous recent donation from our good friends at 30th Bomber Squadron  we’re hoping to put together the most modern and technically advanced peregrine surveillance configuration system available on the market today.

We project that our capability to remotely monitor 24/7, record, edit and stream footage will provide a perfect non-intrusive researching tool for University, and indeed for all parties interested in the field of peregrine falcon study worldwide.

We hope to announce results shortly and will then be madly working on the upgraded web site with which we intend providing live video streaming of our charges for everyone!

We watch, observe and wait now (and pray nothing happens until the new and bigger roost has been mounted early next week!).

Attention all visitors !

… you may also note that our Visitors Map, down the right hand side  (supplied by ClustrMaps), has been cleared of recent visits. This is merely an annual clean-up by ClustrMaps and prevents the map turning in to one huge red blob! We retain all our statistics. Thank you again to all our new and repeat viewers who have clocked up more than 11,000 visits in nearly 2 years. We appreciate your interest and hope to bring you even more in the near future…

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