Tower maintenance, but mum’s back

Last week we had a tall crane on campus to get up to the tower and replace the north-facing armoured window (the other side of the tower to the roost) as it had been badly cracked from years of hailstorms and extreme heat/cold. For health and water reasons the windows has been replaced with an aluminum plate but can still be opened for ventilation (it’s a sauna up there in summer!).

Apparently mum didn’t appreciate the intrusion and spent a few minutes dive-bombing the technician who’s unenviable job it was to stick his head out the window and brave the constant attacks. Fortunately she got sick of this and left for the day.

Best news is that she’s back on the ledge this morning, seemingly oblivious to last week’s big crane, unfamiliar yellow hat and very loud grinding equipment.

Back home again

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