Day 38 and the world is looking closer

Migii is only a few days away now from becoming serious about attempting flight. In just a short period of  over 5 weeks we’ve seen amazing growth and now the last of the down is falling away, normally in great clouds as Migii stretches & flaps those long wings while precariously hanging on to the ledge, scaring us all!

Life must be both fun and frustrating, watching the world at your feet but not having the confidence or strength to get out there yet. Migii has also become fond of playing with the old remaining egg and one wonders how much curiosity there would be if we were to put some plastic play balls in to the nest as well! As always any new pictures are being added in to the Galleries over to the right. Our overall database of images and video clips is now very large!

Life is becoming very small in this nest and plans are already afoot to rebuild and improve next season’s box, with much better viewing angles, a far larger floor space with access for us to be able to change the gravel more easily, greater distance from windows to the flying poo (which clogs up the viewing & camera windows), and generally a more sturdy construction including better drainage, which has occasionally been required in the unseasonal storms we’ve encountered recently. Research is also well underway to improve our camera equipment, image quality day & night, recording and viewing, as well as a project to beam our live views out on to the Internet for all to see before next season. Anyone interested in helping out with donations can contact us for information via the Contact form (below right) and would be much appreciated.

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