One small step for Migii; hopefully no giant leap just yet

Happy New Year to all our viewers. No entries since last year in this record but the monitoring has been consistent. No sign of mum and dad for long periods now, outside of regular feeds, but Migii has spent plenty of time wedged up against the back of the nest taking shelter from the gusty winds for days now. There’s a noticeable change, or morphing, of Migii’s feather coverage, from down to main feathers.  Estimates today would be 80% feather coverage now.

And in today’s monitoring it was noticed that Migii was initially spending plenty of time right below the camera, hence out of view (in our nest camera’s blank spot), with the occasional nudge to remove a pesky fly. But then a benchmark moment – Migii stepped right up on to the main ledge for a look. That nervous moment when the view to the outside world suddenly falls vertically below your feet.

The first small step; on to the main ledge
The first small step; on to the main ledge

Almost 5 weeks old now and soon the stretching of the wings in practice will no doubt begin as impatience grows from having lived in such a small place since birth.

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