A family portrait and some house renovating

A calm day for our 7 day old fledgling. The odd feed and some mucking around in the nest. It’s been noticed that one of viewing windows has been “decorated” and will have to be cleaned at some opportune stage, so some of the close-up pics and videos now appear to be badly blurred! Thanks mum!

See some new YouTube videos here… , and here… , and first video of the chick with decent audio here… (apologies for the video quality, as described above)

Tomorrow there will be necessary contractor work up the tower so a cover was secretly put over the viewing hole today to get them used to it, but there are great concerns about internal noise that no doubt will occur; mum is aware of any sound coming from behind the box now. It was noticed that any unusual noise was picked up so there is concern about tomorrow’s requirements (even though she didn’t flinch when the water tank was filled with a roar for about 20 minutes).

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