Today’s media coverage and ongoing notes

Today we were visited by some of the local TV stations who kindly filmed interviews for our new white furry arrival and went to air tonight (so to speak). Go to YouTube to see the clips here (WIN TV) and here (Prime TV).

On the home front mother and baby are doing very well, although dad seems to be enjoying the shift in nest responsibility and seldom appears now, resulting in the female having to temporarily leave her perch to find food. Invariably she’ll be back inside of a few minutes with a prize catch and apart from being voracious in her own hunger she makes sure the chick is well fed too. If the male does turn up he’s given a moment to drop the carrion before being shifted off the ledge again! This afternoon though both adults were spotted flying in tandem around the trees before the female headed back up to her roost.

Hope has almost gone for the 2nd egg as it’s about 10 days overdue. In the meantime there’s competition around campus to pick a suitable name for the new eyas – some very good and some absolutely terrible! As soon as everyone stops fighting over it we’ll let you know…

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